Tips to Decrease Friction and Enhance Customer Experience

Companies that successfully implement a customer experience strategy achieve higher customer satisfaction rates, reduced customer churn, and increased revenues. Follow our best tips on how to enhance the customer experience from the insights of industry experts.

Customer Experience (CX) has become the heart of service delivery for organizations across the world. Businesses are focusing on rendering the best and unparalleled customer support as part of their growth goals. With CX occupying the center stage, the tools, techniques, and technologies that promote a superior customer experience are becoming of paramount importance.

Despite leveraging the best technologies and implementing the best practices, businesses often find themselves at the shorter end of the stick when it comes to customers. From culture, and language to personal preferences, several elements cause friction and diminish the whole experience. We have curated a few best tips to decrease friction and how to enhance the customer experience from the insights of industry experts.

  • Simplifying the Customer Support Channels
    At times, keeping it simple is the best strategy for nailing your CX! Customers hate it when they have to cross multiple levels of channels to connect with an agent. Interestingly, a complex customer support network is considered the biggest killer of customer loyalty. Simplifying the customer channels or creating a default agent support channel is the best practice to overcome such friction. Customers lean towards brands that provide them with simple and easy customer service. Hence simplifying your first-level customer support is the best way to enhance customer experience (CX).
  • Self-Service Options
    Understanding your end-users is the best way to create a superior CX strategy. The vibe of customers greatly varies with industries. Businesses are investing in customer engagement solutions that give customers the independence to operate solo. Self-service options such as an AI-based chatbot or FAQ sections achieve the job seamlessly and empower the customers to connect with the business without verbal communication. Equipping your service offering with the latest technologies and making it mainstream is the best way to engage with an audience that prefers self-service.
  • Streamlining Query Routing
    What happens when a customer lands in the wrong department? Should the agents route them to the correct department? Managing interdepartmental activities are hard enough without throwing a bunch of angry customers in the midst. When the customers reach the wrong department regularly, both employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) tend to decline. Streamlining the query routing system is essential to save the time and efforts of customers and employees alike. Today, cloud-based contact center solutions provide intelligent query routing methods, where customers can connect with the desired department effortlessly.
  • Incorporating Accessibility Elements
    When we talk about customer experience, we tend to defocus on customers with special needs. The core aim of customer experience is to ensure that customers receive premium service delivery. However, in the past, the provisions for special needs customers were limited. With technological transcendence, organizations are investing in the accessibility of services. From visual IVR to voice assistance, customer support is made accessible for elderly and disabled customers.
  • Biometric Security
    A majority of the population uses smartphone devices to connect with businesses. Apart from UI elements, ensuring security has become one of the features of rendering a superior customer experience (CX). Biometric sign-in or authentication helps users protect their information and facilitate a quicker logging-in that doesn’t bank on their memory.
  • Call-Back Technology
    Waiting in the queue to connect with an agent is perhaps one of the most annoying call center practices. While customer experience is all about putting the customers at the forefront, not all businesses have customers as their top priority. A best practice to avoid friction during customer calls is to offer a call-back option. The call-back option gives the customers the freedom of getting an assured call from an agent at the allocated time.

The customer experience (CX) is a coalition of technologies and expertise with the single goal of achieving customer satisfaction. CX is a journey that requires the contribution of the entire team. Although there are several ways friction could seep in, by employing best practices and remodeling the customer service model as per the changing times, organizations can ensure a superior customer experience (CX) without a hitch.

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