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Best Cloud Contact Center Solutions in 2024

As we look ahead to the future of customer service, the rise of cloud contact center solutions is poised to transform the industry. By 2024 and beyond, these innovative platforms will redefine how businesses interact with their customers, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI to deliver unparalleled experiences.

Cloud contact center solutions offer a game-changing advantage, providing businesses with the flexibility, scalability, and data-driven insights needed to stay ahead of the curve. When Generative AI is used, these platforms will allow call center agents to interact with clients more effectively; people will get individualized answers corresponding to every situation.  

Choosing the best contact center software is crucial for your company’s success, given the vast array of options readily available. This detailed guide will evaluate the key features and costs of the top contact center solutions.

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10 Best AI Call Center Software in 2024

1. Tryvium


Tryvium is an AI-powered employee contact center built on Microsoft Teams that streamlines ticket creation, enables collaboration, and provides resolution-focused support to increase productivity at a lower cost than traditional contact centers. With over 120 unique features, Tryvium optimizes your Office 365 and Microsoft Teams investments to create exceptional employee experiences that drive positive business outcomes. 


Prioritizes Employee Support: tryvium stands out by prioritizing employee support and catering to their specific needs, setting it apart from expensive contact center solutions designed for consumers. By placing employees at the forefront, tryvium ensures an exceptional employee experience. 

Boosts Support desk Cost-efficiency: tryvium helps you optimize costs through more efficient agent workflows while maintaining the quality of support provided to your employees. 

Simplifies Support: With tryvium, your employees can access support through a unified conversational interface on Microsoft Teams, while your agents and supervisors can utilize tryvium’s single-pane, feature-rich, analytics-driven console for efficient support delivery. 

Enables Efficient Automations: tryvium can help you boost support desk efficiency with automated resolutions for routine queries, allowing your service desk agents to focus on more complex issues. 

Generative AI to automate customer self-service



2. Talkdesk 

Talk Desk 

Talkdesk integrates AI at the core of its offerings to streamline and enhance the customer experience across their journey. Its CX Cloud and Industry Experience Clouds leverage generative AI to boost customer self-service and support agents. 

The platform’s Interaction Analytics feature captures and analyzes customer interactions to identify key trends and insights into customer sentiment, facilitating data-driven decisions. 


  • Generative AI to automate customer self-service 
  • Captures and analyzes all customer interactions, revealing key trends, topics, and sentiments 
  • Equip agents and customers with concise answers to speed up handling times 


  • CX Cloud Essentials – $75 per user per month 
  • CX Cloud Elevate – $95 per user per month 
  • CX Cloud Elite – $125 per user per month 

3. Cloud Talk

cloud talk

CloudTalk’s AI improves customer interactions by automating routine tasks, predicting user behavior, and delivering insights to agents. It gathers data from each interaction for a thorough understanding of customer engagement. Through call summarization and analysis, the AI generates precise customer profiles, allowing for predictions of user behavior.


  • Identifies and automates repetitive tasks 
  • Predicts user behavior and provides AI-powered insights  
  • 3 way calling 
  • Skill based routing 
  • VIP Queues  


  • Starter – $25/month. Per user/month. Billed annually. 
  • Essential – $30/month. Per user/month. Billed annually. 
  • Expert – $50/month. Per user/month. Billed annually. 
  • Custom – Contact sales for a tailor-made offer. 

4. Zohodesk 

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk’s Zia is a contextual AI assistant designed to enhance customer interactions and optimize support operations. Available as a chatbot on mobile apps and websites, Zia offers customers a direct way to resolve queries. It analyzes the sentiment of each customer ticket, allowing support agents to customize their responses to suit the customer’s emotional state, promoting a more personalized and empathetic service. 


  • Get notified every time there is an unusual activity in your ticket stream 
  • Shares relevant solutions from your knowledge base with your customer 
  • Easily configurable low-code platform to build self-service 
  • Maintain service levels and escalate violations automatically 


  • Standard – $14/user/month. Billed Annually 
  • Profesional – $23/user/month. Billed Annually 
  • Enterprise – $40/user/month. Billed Annually

5. Anywhere365

Any Where 365

Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud is built directly on Microsoft Teams and Azure Communication Services, enhancing communication within the Microsoft ecosystem for a dependable, customer-focused experience.

As a Microsoft partner, we optimize your existing Microsoft investments. Our omnichannel approach allows flexible, seamless customer interactions across all channels, enabling quick resolutions and increased request handling capacity


  • NLP based Virtual Assistant 
  • Presence Management 
  • Live Agent Routing 
  • Profile based routing 

Pricing: – Provide Bold Tag 

$10,000.00/ user/month 

6. Nextiva 


Nextiva connects businesses to all of their conversations on one, AI-powered platform, helping them understand their customers in real-time to create personalized experiences that set them apart.


  • 360 Degree Feedback 
  • Activity Dashboard 
  • Access Controls/Permissions 
  • Customer Experience Management 


$ 30.95 / user/month

7. Dialpad 


Dialpad AI is an AI-powered call center software designed for both agents and customers. It has features like real-time transcription capabilities and post-call summaries with actionable insights for agents. Dialpad AI acts as a virtual speech coach, alerting your agents about their speaking speed and filler word usage. 

The system’s machine learning capabilities ensure continuous improvement, increasing accuracy over time. Its capacity to accelerate quality assurance processes through automated scorecards reduces the burden on supervisors. The AI Agent Assist provides relevant information from various sources to your agents, empowering them to assist the customers better.


  • Simple call routing 
  • An integrated WFM solution 
  • Streamlined admin workflows 
  • Built-in analytics 
  • Integrations with your favorite tools 
  • Interactive voice response 

Pricing: – Provide Bold Tag 

  • Essentials – $80 user/mo billed annually 
  • Advanced – $115 user/mo billed annually 
  • Premium – $150 user/mo billed annually 

8. Content Guru

Content Guru

Content Guru, we’re committed to ensuring your customers receive the finest experiences. We believe that every interaction should be seamless, personalized, and driven by data, setting your business apart in the competitive landscape. 

For more than two decades, we’ve dedicated ourselves to this vision. Leveraging advanced cloud-based technology and the expertise of world-class CX specialists, Content Guru offers all the tools you need to transform your customer experience.


  • Scale Up Quickly. 
  • Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Custom Integrations. 
  • Cloud Migration. 
  • Reliability. 
  • Security and Compliance. 
  • Creating Value. 
  • User Experience.  


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 9. Vonage 


Vonage offers full integration with Salesforce, as well as other CRM systems. These are often integrated through their apps gallery. It has omnichannel support, including support for chatbots.


  • Agent-centred UX 
  • Designed for Salesforce 
  • Gamification options 


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10. Bitrix24 


Bitrix24 has a desktop and mobile app available, which supports numerous social media networks including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Telegram, Viber, and more. 

This contact center software also includes substantial CRM automation, meaning it may not be worth it if you have something already in place – but making it great for teams that don’t. It includes pipeline management, sales reports, and automation, and the ability to track marketing campaigns and manage quotes and invoices.

Features :

  • On-premises or cloud options available 
  • Omnichannel support 
  • CRM automation 

Pricing :

  • Basic – Rs. 1,590 per user per month 
  • Standard – 4,990 / organization / month / billed monthly 
  • Professional – Rs. 9,990 / organization / month / billed monthly 
  • Enterprise – Rs. 19,990 / organization / month / billed monthly


Cloud call center solutions are essential for contemporary, customer-focused organizations aiming to deliver superior customer experiences. These solutions not only improve customer interactions but also enhance your brand’s reputation and drive business success. However, to fully capitalize on these advantages, selecting the appropriate cloud call center solution is vital. 

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