CX Trends for 2022: Insights for the Modern Contact Center

The global halt, induced by the pandemic, transformed the industry narrative and strategies phenomenally. The respite propelled the leaders to revisualize service delivery and optimize contact center processes. Customer migration to digital platforms increased drastically after an eventful 2020. Previously apprehensive consumers began to populate and consume the offerings of the digital world, which shifted the focus on building customer engagement solutions. Over the past few months, we saw new technologies, concepts, and visions that enhanced customer experience (CX). As we wrap 2021, here’s a collection of industry cx trends 2022 that can potentially transcend contact center practices.

  1. The Rise of Whatsapp & Other Messaging Channels for Business
    Whatsapp got a new lease on life since the advent of the pandemic. Labeled as the medium for Gen X, Whatsapp, and other such platforms soon became the centroid of conversations. Both customers and businesses began to leverage the simplicity and accessibility of such applications in connecting seamlessly. Customers preferred to receive updates via Whatsapp than the messaging app, making it a must-have for B2C organizations. With the application rolling out exciting features such as self-service options, product display, wallet, and business profiles, Whatsapp is here to stay and transform the customer experience.
  2. Instant Gratification – New Ways to Combat Customer Expectations
    Aggressive competition between business contenders has intensified in every industry vertical. The highly-concentrated market is the main reason behind such challenges. Businesses vying for customers go above and beyond in meeting their expectations. The instant gratification of customers has become the norm for the past few years. The industry standard is to serve customers in under five minutes or risk losing them forever. From responding to queries instantly to offering multiple connection routes, the customer experience was the priority for businesses. The KPI of instant gratification took a backseat when the pandemic wreaked havoc across global supply chains. Since then, contact centers have adopted new strategies to retain customers and offer them instant gratification. Businesses have begun to incorporate cloud-based contact center solutions that enable the team to meet customer expectations swiftly. When it comes to CX trends 2022, cloud solutions will be the focal point.
  3. The Age of Bots
    Although bots for business are not a new concept, the inflow of customers to digital platforms has reaffirmed its advantages. Specifically, chatbots are an integral factor in enhancing CX. Chatbots simplify and streamline customer interaction points with a proven increase in the ROI. Customers find it easier to communicate via chatbots. Especially, eCommerce businesses and service-oriented organizations leverage bots to help customers navigate, understand their products/services, and resolve grievances effectively. The specialty of chatbots is that they are not an alternative to agents, but rather an assistive technology for the workforce. In 2022, experts expect chatbots to become ubiquitous.
  4. Total Experience for the Win
    Organizations are moving towards holistic experience-based contact center operations. Total Experience (TX) is a collective concept, where Employee Experience (EX), User Experience (UX), and Customer Experience (CX) are enhanced simultaneously. Industry experts realized the importance of improving every angle of service delivery to achieve a higher customer satisfaction level. Especially, employee experience services will occupy the center stage in 2022. Equipping the workforce with the required tools will help them render excellent services. Streamlining the business UX, EX, and CX will be the priority goal for contact centers.

Customer Experience, as a strategy, has evolved dynamically over the past few years. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities penetrated the market, making CX an ultimate goal of every business. With more technologies such as Business Intelligence and Data Sciences making their debut, CX has become a transformative journey. The baseline concerning CX is that the richer the engagement is, the better will be customer satisfaction. We hope that the insights metamorphize into strategies that modernize contact centers in the upcoming year.

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