Safeguarding against fatal chemicals: How God’s Eye implements PPE compliance?

Chemical manufacturing industries are highly vulnerable to industrial accidents for they’re at the top chart in the likelihood of causing hazards such as burns, bruises, inhalation of poisons, chemical contact, etc. Manufacturers enforce extra precaution of wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for employees working under this environment with PPE compliance.

Unfortunately, these preventive measures don’t simply solve the problem. No matter how many times manufacturers run through safety drills and talks, some workers will always deviate from the standard safety policies, including their PPE.

What went wrong?

There must be something that would hold them accountable, of course. Manufacturers have been trying human supervision to monitor PPE abidance for quite sometimes to no avail. Kaptiche God’s Eye leverages advanced intelligent technologies available in the global market today to come up with an innovative solution: camera-based live reporting with machine vision.

With the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, God’s Eye works with the safety and health professionals by facilitating video analysis and object recognition. The good news is manufacturers can now have real-time video analytics to monitor PPE compliance easily.

Innovative God’s Eye Vs. Outdated RFID

RFID had been an inefficient solution on which manufacturers were relying on for so long. But the RFID system lacks a critical mechanism to perform intelligent identification. It cannot accurately determine if a laborer is properly attired with PPEs to handle flammable liquids. Still worse, it is impossible with RFID to detect whether the worker is actually wearing the PPE or simply carrying it into the workplace.

But just by training Kaptiche God’s Eye, it identifies the specified PPE items through visual means. It simply applies to live video frames the smart object identification procedure and reports back to the safety personnel.

Further, to detect if an employee is wearing proper chemical-resistant hood, apron, or coveralls, the RFID solution required the implementation of a whole new system. But the advantage of God’s Eye is it enhances your existing systems with very little integration and implementation. It simply takes your ordinary CCTV cameras and makes them ‘smart’.

Compared to the RFID, the benefit of God’s Eye is two-fold. Since Kaptiche makes use of video cameras, God’s Eye is far more accurate in identifying potential issues and PPE violations. It flags the issues in real-time and so it can eliminate the risk of injury then and there.

Another aspect is the complete removal of manual monitoring processes. Manual spot-checking of PPE adherence is not needed anymore. Even human CCTV operators may make errors, but God’s Eye never does! It takes only a few seconds to collect, analyze, and process the video recordings and allows the workforce to focus on other strategies to improve industrial safety.

Winning The PPE Race

The chemical industry is the fifth-largest global manufacturing sector, but still, the industry struggles to combat workplace fatality. The time has come for chemical manufacturers to easily initiate and enforce their own standard operating procedures (SOP).

Now manufacturers can shield their staff from exposure to harmful chemicals and remain confident that all employees can work safely in a high-risk facility.