God’s Eye: To Drive Your Employees Saftey and Performace For Better

How God’s Eye drives your employees’ safety and performance for better?

AI-powered God’s Eye

Kaptiche God’s Eye employs Machine Vision, AI, and Deep Learning features to augment the existing production line’s ability. It controls and monitors the manufacturing floors to detect unsafe incidents with video cameras. For example, there are specific areas on a floor where no workers are allowed due to moving machinery parts. God’s Eye uses AI algorithms and the live visual feed to detect human movements in the restricted area and triggers an alert in case of abnormalities. Violators can be identified, and the security breach is averted!

Working on shop floors have always been hazardous, and manufacturing employees are vulnerable and exposed to harmful working conditions at all times. Although manufacturers strive to reduce the hazards, prevent accidents, and manage risks, sometimes those safety measures are not effective enough to avoid future misfortunes.

The unsafe workplace would always compromise the productivity and performance of your employees. National Safety Council reports that every 7 seconds, a worker is injured on the job. It is impossible to be productive and resourceful when your safety is under threat, and it is necessary to find the right way to solve this.

Defects Detection

God’s Eye often finds itself at work in product inspection, where camera-based digital capture is much more doable than traditionally inspecting individually manufactured products with the human operator. With its digital input and output, the system tracks and monitors the activity and behavior of the mechanical components and analyzes the data to detect defected materials. Components can now roll off the production line free of defects or damages.

PPE Adherence

Suspended loads and overhead booms are posing major safety threats as they would move around the floor on slings, riggings, pallets, and other pieces of equipment. To avoid those occupational hazards, manufacturers would require their crew to stay away from the fall zones and wear Hi-Viz reflective vests. But, in order to keep the practice strictly, God’s Eye facilitates 24*7 surveillance and holds people responsible for any safety compromises. Using a combination of real-time digital cameras and video analytics, you can track human movement and avoid fatal occurrences.

Kaptiche can be configured in such a way so as to detect particular PPEs to be worn in a given work area. For example, workers in a metal scrap yard should wear safety shoes; when handling hazardous chemicals, latex gloves, and goggles to safeguard against metal splashes. Kaptiche accurately monitors these area-specific PPEs and intimates the non-adherence.

Prevention is better – always!

God’s Eye encourages your workers to follow safety guidelines and act on them to prevent industrial accidents from happening at all. Manufacturers can systematically analyze potential threats that may ultimately cause accidents, near misses, unsafe acts, and conditions to get educated and prevent their occurrences.

These findings can be distributed and discussed with employees for further awareness and be mitigated with proper risk assessment, safety training, and control banding.

Motivation Through Gamification

Safety always works when self-initiated. Kaptiche God’s Eye enables manufacturers to transform their business by driving employee loyalty to safe practices and compliances and to create long-term engagement. This gamified model helps manufacturers to motivate the employees’ active participation and their adherence to the safety program with rewards, feedback, and recognition to inspire them toward a safety culture.

These data-driven methods will engage the crew to create secure and healthy production floors where they can carry out their works with confidence and courage.

In the end, the more your employees feel safe, the more productive they become. A workplace injury is a major deterrent to improving manufacturing throughput time. One small accident would cost hours of worktime and result in production loss. By ensuring safe people and safe equipment, Kaptiche spearheads a reliable health, safe, secure environment for people to work.