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Adding AI to your customer experience without compromising the human touch necessitates a unique set of skills and a cloud contact center platform. Sensiple has spent decades perfecting its skills in the customer experience industry.

What is ConverSense?

ConverSense by Sensiple is a cloud contact center platform that provides chatbot and voice call services via Dialogflow and Twilio, respectively. The platform combines contact center knowledge with exceptional AI capabilities to provide your employees with a solid foundation for creating satisfying client experiences. To maintain the security and privacy of client information, the platform also employs encryption and decryption techniques while storing data. ConverSense is leveraging Secret manager (Google Cloud) to securely handle credentials and other sensitive data.

ConverSense Agent Console has native integration with Google DialogFlow to seamlessly receive the chat/call to the Agent Console and having widgets to control the call/chat from the AgentConsole itself. DialogFlow Bots comprehend natural language and give clients with customised and quick solutions to their requests in a more natural way. Twilio enables ConverSense to deliver dependable, scalable, and configurable voice call services. ConverSense’s encryption and decryption mechanisms safeguard client data from unwanted access, and secret manager guarantees that sensitive information is safely kept and accessible only by authorised individuals.

Overall, ConverSense provides a complete and secure cloud contact center platform that makes use of cutting-edge technology to provide fast and customized customer support.

Why Cloud Contact Center Platform?

ConverSense is in charge of handling consumer contacts via various channels such as chat and voice. The platform’s primary goal is to deliver efficient and effective technical assistance and customer care to clients. This may include problem solving, answering queries, or delivering information about contact center services. ConverSense combines everything your agents require into a cohesive, user-friendly platform. It enables you to meet your highest customer experience objectives with surprisingly minimal work from your agents, supervisors, and, most crucially, your consumers. The ultimate objective is to assure client happiness and to develop strong customer connections.

How ConverSense works?

Flexibility is at the core of this cloud contact center platform which facilitates to add custom widgets based on the business need and seamlessly integrated into the application. Here is to one such scenario on how ConverSense works.

Example: If a call/chat is attended by the agent, other widgets configured in the UI will reflect the information pertained to the current call/chat. If customer1 calls and this is attended by the agent, then in the ConverSense Agent console, ticketing widget will refresh automatically and pull the tickets pertained to customer1. While the conversation is in progress with the Agent, based on the context of the discussion, the KB widget automatically brings the articles related to that conversation without any Agent UI interaction. If there is any custom integration specific to the client (ex: custom CRM data to be pulled and shown to the Agent), we just need to build one widget for that and add that to the console. This will greatly reduce the time for development and also helps the customers to complete the migration faster.

How does ConverSense help your organization?

ConverSense is a web-based intelligent and flexible canvas that serves as a unified workspace for your contact center agents and supervisors, which can be tailored to their identities. Agents may select the applications they need from the marketplace and integrate them into their workspace.

  • Get better agent productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and improve customer reporting
  • Flexible & scalable platform with omnichannel capabilities for inbound and outbound services
  • Provides robust security features such as encryption, access controls, and threat detection to help keep your web application and data safe

Benefits of ConverSense – Cloud Contact Center Platform

Below are few advantages of choosing ConverSense over other cloud contact center platforms;

  • Purpose built solution to address the needs of cloud contact center and helps to accelerate Google cloud contact center migration by providing pre-built integrations
  • Highly customizable for the Agent to use based on their working style/job nature
  • Reusable platform and widget store helps to add any new custom integrations to be done quickly. Speeds up delivery and faster migration
  • Enhanced agent effectiveness across channels to create consistent customer experience
  • Increased collaboration between the agents and other groups which in turn improves the contact centers’ responsiveness to its customers
  • Real-time monitoring for quality and performance, which also means you can reassign agents as required, based on volumes and skills
  • ConverSense Contact Center features like multi-channel capabilities, customer 360, intelligent routing, sentiment-based routing, sentiment score, chat transcription, smart reply, file sharing, Dynamic Knowledge Base assist, and many more
  • ConverSense multi-cloud which is currently implemented in AWS and GCP
  • Enabled Secret Manager and Encrypted PI Data
  • Provide customers account information, historical sentiment score and ticket details of the customer
  • Generate Reports and Analytics based on the conversation with customer

Intuitive Google CCAI Features that brings value to ConverSense

We can manage many channels, complicated interactions, and agent workforce difficulties on a single platform like ConverSense using Google CCAI.

Here are some intuitive Google CCAI features that add value to ConverSense:

  • Virtual Agents: These conversational self-service solutions are accessible 24/7 to answer all frequent client concerns. Users can also effortlessly transfer difficult chats to live agents in order to handle their queries
  • Chatbots: AI-powered chatbots can be deployed fast and answer enquiries across numerous channels 24/7, reducing the workload on live personnel
  • Agent Assist: By identifying the purpose of interactions, this feature delivers guided real-time support to live agents during voice and speech interactions
  • Insights: The insights function use natural language processing to detect and pinpoint sentiments, frequently asked questions, and other information from customer interactions in order to continuously enhance call outcomes and customer experiences

Looking for a great contact center solution? Learn how Sensiple’s ConverSense contact centre technology makes it simple to deliver amazing customer experiences. You will be able to observe how our cloud contact centre solution makes it simple to provide excellent customer service and increase sales.

It is extremely simple to get started with a virtual agent to help provide some much-needed relief to contact center workers using cloud-based technologies. A contact center solution is great for businesses dealing with an influx of different types of inquiries. As a result, customer involvement must be approached with attention, since it offers a wonderful opportunity to grow your firm. Start developing your cloud-based contact center solution with Sensiple’s ConverSense. Schedule a demo with us today to discuss your particular needs with our staff.

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About the Author

Nishanth Janakiraman is a developer at Sensiple for the ConverSense platform. He is well-versed in the Angular framework and has handled an array of front-end tasks in ConverSense platform.