Create Next-level Contact Center Experiences with ConverSense and Google CCAI

In an era where customer experience is a key differentiator, businesses that prioritize leveraging advanced technologies are more likely to succeed. In this regard, Google Cloud Contact Center AI – capabilities have become a game-changer for companies that seek to deliver exceptional customer service and drive business growth.

Each customer interaction or engagement drives customer satisfaction. That first contact a business establishes with a customer not only impacts a particular customer’s experience but also adds data points to your customer base as a whole.

According to popular research, “50% of customers tend to switch to competition after one bad experience” It is therefore important to extend your ability to offer customer experiences that are personalized and consistent. When customers are more satisfied with their experiences and interactions with your business, they are more likely to remain loyal resulting in higher customer lifetime value (CLV) and higher retention.

The Need to Modernize your Contact Center

Introducing new technologies and strategies, and integrating end-to-end operations not just improves front-end customer service but also builds strong back-end operations.

As a result, contact centers can achieve a unified approach that covers engagement across all channels, making the right information available for customers at the right time.

A modernized contact center with AI capabilities eliminates long-running pain points such as

  • Replacement of traditional methods with modernized experiences that can be embedded in the choice of channels
  • Fulfilment of the lack of a single source of insight into customer experiences for unified content, high personalization, data automation, and processing
  • Establishment of an extensive knowledge base that saves agents’ time directing low and medium-complex queries to bots, routing only high-complex queries to agents. The knowledge base supports both bots and agents with the relevant information they require from customers
  • Automation of all routine and manual work such as data entry, status updates, transaction logging, and feeding customer information into a unified knowledge base, with RPA bots for future analysis
  • Prevention of inappropriate routing by analyzing specific customer needs and routing calls appropriately with AI-driven intelligent routing

1. Transform Customer Interactions into Delightful Experiences!

What customers seek from a business is an interaction that is easy, natural, and straightforward. It is time for contact centers to evolve into hubs that create such effortless experiences.

Sensiple’s competence in the customer experience domain along with Google Cloud’s agile cloud infrastructure and next-gen AI and ML expertise help businesses create seamless experiences that make work easier for agents and supervisors and resolutions faster for customers.

Our unified contact center platform, ConverSense provides customers with relevant information, lets them self-serve whenever they want to, and lends support when they need it. A business that achieves this kind of practice builds loyalty, reduces churn, and improves responsiveness. This in turn increases opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell in the long run. Most importantly they drive satisfaction with valued customer relationships and returning customers.

2. Explore the innovative Google CCAI platform

Take your CX evolution to the next rung with the loaded infrastructure of the Google Cloud Platform. Our cloud contact center platform ConverSense powered by Google CCAI comes with rich AI competencies, cloud scalability, easy integrations with CRM, multi-experience capabilities, and the potential to customize deployment and management models that can be tailored to your business needs.

3. Deliver Relevant and Personalized Customer Experiences

Sensiple makes it easier for you to create productive and scalable contact center operations with ConverSense – a web-based intelligent and unified workspace that is customized for your contact center agents and supervisors based on their personas. Our platform gives agents the flexibility to choose the set of required apps from the marketplace and integrate them with their workspace. ConverSense, built on the innovative AI capabilities of Google Cloud helps retain customers by prompting agents on personalized insights on customers including Next Best Actions and Next Best Offers.

4. Get the most of contact center AI

Google Cloud Contact Center AI leverages Google’s AI, ML, and NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities to turn Virtual agent conversations into near-human conversations that can help contact centers understand customer intents and provide quick resolutions with little or no human intervention. The platform also allows integrations and automation that enable self-service bots to perform repetitive tasks like authentication and password resets and give agents the information they need to satisfactorily resolve user issues. provide relevant guidance and information to agents to achieve satisfactory call resolution.

5. Prioritize every customer with Intelligent Routing

Prevent customers from getting connected to the wrong agent and save them from waiting for long call hold times and repeated call transfers. Convert your contact centers smart by using intelligent call routing to identify callers, predict their needs, and connect them to the right agents quickly.

Take advantage of Sensiple’s intelligent routing engine with AI and ML capabilities and give all your customers the personalized attention they deserve. InteliSense’s 24*7 365 days smooth routing helps you deliver great customer experiences all around the year. It precisely matches the customer queries and agent skill groups to ensure skill-based routing that directs the right calls to the right agents for the very first time. The routing engine also automatically reconnects to the same agent in case of call disruption.

6. Raise the knowledge profile of all agents

Help agents to better serve all types of customers with the information they need. Leverage Google Cloud CCAI within your agent workspace to deliver knowledge at the point of impact during voice-based conversations. This raises the ability of all agents, reduces stress during challenging interactions, eases onboarding challenges, and improves key KPIs such as average handle time and first-contact resolution.

Having a customer support team that pays attention to every customer interaction is vital to developing a great business culture.

Are you beginning your contact center’s cloud journey or looking to maximize the returns on your existing investments with Google Cloud Contact Center AI? Do you want to make full use of the security, scalability, and resilience of Google Cloud? Contact us today to find a partner with resourcefulness and expertise to help you establish deeper connections with your customers and accelerate your contact center transformation.