Best Customer Experience with Tryvium Desk

Heavy competition and newer customer-targeted technologies have forced companies to stay always a step ahead in retaining the existing and attracting the potential customers. Amid the market-oriented and product-oriented marketing strategy, customer experience is more about the service-oriented aspect of a business. It is not to be misconstrued; however, that customer experience is all about solving problems and attending customer calls, although they all are a part of the process. Good customer experience is satisfactorily provided when the customer has the overall appreciation of the product or service.

The integration that matters

Several ITSM ticketing tools have been developed to track, store, and address the issues customers may face when consuming your product. These tools are specially designed to facilitate real-time interaction between the service agent and customer.

As beneficial as these ITSM tools are as a service desk, they can be value-added with additional technologies. Yes, by integrating your ITSM/CRM tools with Skype for Business messaging tool, you can maximize your business collaborations with your customers. That sounds great. Tryvium Desk does exactly that. Tryvium Desk displays on parallel the Skype for Business window along with the service desks and the CRM tools. Without even toggling to Service desk/CRM, the ticket raising is done easily by the agent.

And the benefits? To facilitate an excellent customer experience, the obvious way is to go ahead and solve the customer’s issues as soon as the query is raised. With Tryvium Desk, the customer service agent can view, edit, or create a new ticket and provide a real-time solution to the problems. The agent can respond to the customers quickly and easily. The agent handling time is reduced, and it takes minimal customer resolution time – all at the same time.

NLP integration:

Tryvium Desk offers you NLP as an out-of-the-box integration. Natural language processing is an advanced AI-based technology which enables machines to learn the human language as we humans do. So with NLP integration, Tryvium Desk’s intelligent chatbots can comprehend the human language, and they respond the queries of the customers with utmost precision.

Since the NLP-powered chatbots make out the context of the agent-customer conversation, it automatically reroutes the customer call to the right agent based on the context of the problems.

Language translation:

In serving your customers, language is not a barrier anymore! Tryvium Desk translates the agent-customer conversations and renders them understandable. Just by opting the language of your choice, you can have the real-time translation of your chats. No matter where your customers are or what their languages are, Tryvium Desk helps you communicate with your customers and attend to their needs.

Chatbot automation:

By automating your chatbots, repeated tasks such as installing and uninstalling software or application, resetting the password, and updating your software can be done with Tryvium Desk accurately even without the intervention of a human agent. Customer asks the chatbot to install an application, for example, and it is instantly done right away. As simple as that. It is a great relief for agents bogged down with heavy workloads that they can handle multiple customers simultaneously and increase their productivity.

Connect with us today for further info on Tryvium Desk and provide a delightful collaborative experience for your customers.