Maximizing Patient Experience with Cloud-Based Contact Centers

Did you know that missed appointments cost the US healthcare system an estimated $150 billion annually? With healthcare customer service expectations on the rise, providers are under increasing pressure to deliver high-quality care and reduce costs. But meeting these demands can be challenging, especially with constantly changing regulations and a shortage of staff. Cloud based contact centers built on Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI (CCAI) can help healthcare organizations improve patient experiences, reduce missed appointments, and streamline operations.

Take the story of a busy primary care clinic in Arizona for example. Despite their best efforts, patients often missed appointments, resulting in lost revenue and poor patient outcomes. But after implementing our contact-based center solution with Google CCAI, the clinic was able to automate appointment scheduling and reminders, reducing missed appointments by 25% and freeing up staff to focus on patient care. In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into how Sensiple’s contact center expertise and solutions coupled with Google’s CCAI’s transformative AI capabilities can position providers for success in the years to come.

Common Healthcare Challenges vs Cloud Based Contact Centers

Cloud based contact centers built on a robust Cloud platform like Google Cloud can help you overcome the everyday challenges you encounter in running a healthcare business.

Post-op follow-up and Appointment Reminders
Patients often tend to miss appointments as they tend to forget that they had an appointment. Our contact center solution helps streamline the patient outreach process by automating appointment scheduling, follow-up, and reminders, thus reducing the impact of missed appointments.

High call volumes
As the demand for healthcare services grows, the call volumes do too. High call volumes often overwhelm front desk staff, resulting in missed calls and high abandoned rates. Our Healthcare contact center solution offers a simple call routing feature to custom call menus and foresees spiking call volumes with the help of advanced data analytics. This feature helps you fine-tune your organization’s systems and analyze the most challenging calls that occupy your customer representative’s time.

Expensive and time-consuming infrastructure upgrades
On-premises solutions require continuous manual upgrades to meet patient demands, but upgrading legacy infrastructure also invites high short and long-term costs. It can also increase your downtime, leaving your firm with impatient and dissatisfied customers. As your contact center solution provider, we take care of all the upgrades and software updates for you, minimizing the costs and resource demands of your healthcare practice.

Long call waiting times
Patients who wait long enough tend to hang up and never return. Even when they resist the urge to hang up calls in frustration, they might not be delighted to take up your agent’s call. A robust contact center solution can help you monitor agent behavior and performance and ensure that customer calls are answered within just a few seconds.

Healthcare Contact Center Best Practices

Now that we have discussed how our cloud based contact center solution can effectively address your daily challenges, let us explore some healthcare contact center best practices and how Google CCAI enables healthcare organizations to adhere to these practices.

Optimize your contact center operations with some of these contact center best practices.

Scalable and Unified Platform
A good contact center platform that

  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and apps
  • Offers your staff the flexibility to work from home if needed
  • Adds users and phone lines with just a click of a button

Seamless Customer Experience
Customers need access to suitable agents at the right time to get answers to their questions and to feel satisfied with an interaction. Predictive routing help gains visibility and control to improve customer experience and productivity, gain a strategic view of your business, analyze trends and agent performance, and retrain models with the new data and validate the results. Predictive routing lets you use AI to engage customers and predict the best resource to reach the best business outcome, report results, review data and model performance, and use the findings to optimize strategies and evaluate how well agents met the KPIs.

HIPAA Compliant
Make sure that your channel to access the support desk is not just quick but also secure. Your contact center solution must empower them to communicate with the ease of text messaging while ensuring HIPAA compliance through the secure transmission of texts, photos, and other media using proper encryption measures.

Efficient and coordinated customer journey
Preserving the context from previous interactions is essential to help customers transfer channels from chat or IVR to an agent. The agents are expected by their customers to speed up with relevant touchpoints about the same journey and past appointments and move forward quickly.

Healthcare-focused Google Cloud contact center AI (CCAI) solution

Cloud based contact centers enable you to delight your customers with human-like AI-powered contact center experiences, lowering costs and freeing up your human agent’s time.

Improved customer service: Google CCAI can provide patients with faster and more accurate answers to their questions, reducing wait times and improving overall satisfaction.

Reduced operational costs: By automating certain tasks, such as appointment scheduling and prescription refills, healthcare businesses can reduce staffing needs and operational costs.

Increased efficiency: With Google CCAI, healthcare businesses can handle a larger volume of customer inquiries and requests without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Enhanced security and compliance: Google CCAI is built with advanced security and compliance features to protect sensitive patient data and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Better insights and analytics: With advanced analytics tools, healthcare businesses can gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to tailor their services to meet the needs of their patients.

Overall, Google CCAI can help healthcare businesses improve customer service, reduce costs, increase efficiency, ensure compliance, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

Leverage Google Cloud’s AI capabilities and agile infrastructure by choosing Sensiple as your cloud contact center partner. Our team of certified professionals with rich experience and extensive knowledge in GCP can transform your contact center experience! Get in touch with us at today.